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BitBounce Ads helps your company reach untapped users and early adopters. We allow you to reroute advertising dollars directly to your new customers to encourage them to create a relationship with you.

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More Impressions = Better Results

Paid emails campaigns have a higher open rate and create reciprocity and respect between businesses and their customers. BitBounce Ads emails are viewed on 3 different BitBounce platforms by users:

  • Email Inbox
    Email Inbox
  • Mobile App
    Mobile App
  • Dashboard
    BitBounce Dashboard Coming July 2018
1.9 Million
Registered Users in the Crypto Space
Reach the untapped audience that matters most to your business.

“Anyone using BitBounce is paying you to reach you, everyone else is spamming you.”

Stewart Dennis, Co-Founder & CEO of BitBounce

How It Works

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  • Send Paid Emails
  • Unlock a New Market

Sending paid email campaigns directly to engaged BitBounce users is the best way to create a relationship between you and your new customers. With BitBounce, your marketing spend goes directly to the audience you are wanting to reach—an untapped network of motivated connections.

BitBounce Ads helps you create
 customer loyalty and respect from your first interaction.

Are your business emails getting BitBounced?

If you want a way to automatically pay for BitBounced emails to go through, AutoPilot is right for you. AutoPilot allows you to automatically pay a customer’s BitBounce fee by setting a max spend per email (usually about $0.20) and the max you want to spend per month and we’ll handle the transactions automatically.

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