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BitBounce Ads - Ad Campaigns With Incentives
Email Inbox

BitBounce Ads helps email addresses receive emails with payments attached.

This helps marketers connect with an audience via email marketing campaigns that are differentiated via incentives.

Additional paid ad forms such as banner ads may be offered later in 2020.

Hundreds of Thousands of Email Addresses

Google Analytics indicates our audience is a young, connected and engaged group of global users with an interests in about new products, causes, launches, and events.

BitBounce Users
  • High interest in technology, financial products, employment, education, entertainment and blockchain
  • Strong affinity for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space
  • Connected on mobile and desktop
  • Millions of users globally
  • 66% Male, 34% Female
  • 72% of users are under the age of 35

Why Paid Ads?

Why Paid Ads?

Problem: Email remains one of the best converting marketing channels. However, users are overwhelmed by the constant amount of promotional materials they receive every day.

Solution: BitBounce Ads approaches this problem by compensating users to view specific advertising emails. 20% of the marketing spend is then passed on to the customer, potentially resulting in higher engagement and brand equity compared with serving ads without incentives.

How It Works

  • Target Your Customers

    Reach your audience with targeting by country and gender, combined with delivery optimized for engagement and timing.

  • Craft Your Campaign

    BitBounce Ads campaigns are simple to set up. Create and refine your advertisement easily in the BitBounce Ads platform.

  • Measure Your Success

    BitBounce Ads dashboard tracks your campaign stats in real-time, including impressions, engagements, and conversions.

“We make ads financially rewarding.”

Stewart Dennis, Co-Founder & CEO of BitBounce

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